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Dr. Stone Attends Course Teaching Less Invasive Shoulder Surgery

July 30, 2019

Coracoid Transfer (AKA Laterjet procedure) has been used to address anterior shoulder instability in patients. Historically this procedure has been done using a large incision and screws to correct the instability. However, the same results can now be achieved through a less invasive arthroscopic approach.

Dr. Stone was one of a small group of select shoulder surgeons in the United States invited to attend a course in Boston this month. This course was taught by world-renowned shoulder surgeon Dr. Pascal Boileau, with whom Dr. Stone previously trained with in France. This course allowed the attendees to learn the arthroscopic Laterjet procedure from one of the best shoulder surgeons in the world.

We are excited to be able to bring this advancement to our community. Please call us to schedule an appointment to address your shoulder surgery issues. 

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