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Physical Therapy

Make Gulf Coast Orthopedics Physical Therapy your first choice for exceptional physical therapy.

At GCO Physical Therapy, you will receive the best, most dedicated and experienced team of licensed Physical Therapists in the region. Featuring advanced, state-of-the-art technology and unsurpassed patient care, we’re committed to making sure you get back into the lifestyle you live. From young athletes to middle-aged weekend warriors to active seniors and more, GCO Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the very best in physical therapy services as well as comprehensive injury prevention and more. Our physical therapy focus offers a broad and deep range of experience and dedication to our patients. We provide a wide selection of physical/occupational therapy programming.

We want to get you back in the game!

Your goals are important to us. In order to achieve your goals and for treatment to be effective, it is crucial to maintain consistent and continuous treatments. Our primary goal is helping you succeed and get back in the game of life. Physical Therapy works through consistent attendance and doing your homework, including your home exercise   program. Building strength and endurance often requires more time and effort than what is done in the formal sessions with your physical therapist. If you have questions about your treatment, ask. The more you communicate with your therapist, the more invested you will be in your treatment plan. Your treatment success requires a team effort and you are the most important member of our team!

What We Treat

GCO therapists treat a broad range of orthopedic conditions. Though we specialize in post-surgical rehab, our therapists have extensive training in pre-surgical and non-operative conditions. Below is a list of some of the conditions we excel in treating:

Acute pain conditions– tendonitis, bursitis, muscle strains, ligament sprains.

Chronic pain conditions– osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis.

Spinal disorders– Degenerative Disc Disease, scoliosis, spondylosis, disc herniation, laminectomies, fusions and other neck, back, and sacral injuries.

Sports injuries– ACL/MCL/LCL reconstruction, meniscal tears patella-femoral pain, rotator cuff repair, shoulder dislocation, shoulder separations, ankle injuries and many more.

Joint replacement– shoulder, hip, knee.

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How We Treat

Our philosophy is simple, to make each patient feel better each visit. We strive to individualize each treatment session, modifying each exercise as needed, to enable the patient to achieve the highest functional outcome possible while minimizing /eliminating pain. Our therapists have worked with the GCO physicians extensively to create rehab-specific protocols for each surgical procedure performed. This way you and your physician know with confidence that we’re treating within each physician’s preferences to maximize your successful recovery.

Contact our team

Gulf Coast Orthopedics Physical Therapy is committed to providing quality evidence-based, customized therapy programs centered on our patients’ goals. Our clinical team members make a lifetime commitment to their patients to be a continued resource for them long after their treatment has concluded. If you have any questions about PT, your current treatment, or simply a general question, please contact us at




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Fitness is for EVERYONE!

Gulf Coast Orthopedics Physical Therapy offers a dedicated community partnership through our PEPClub, a comprehensive Performance Enhancement Program that is focused on furthering the overall wellness and fitness in Houma and the surrounding area. By offering the most comprehensive sports medicine care, physical therapy services, and community outreach programs, the PEPClub provides a complete wellness and fitness experience for men, women and children, at all levels of fitness.

Physical Therapy

Our team at Gulf Coast Orthopedics Physical Therapy provides top level physical therapy programs that not only enhance the recovery process from injury and surgery, but provide patient specific education for injury prevention. Our dedicated, professional Physical Therapy team customizes an exclusive and comprehensive program specifically tailored to your own individual needs and goals that will get you back into the game… and life.

Commitment To Community

At Gulf Coast Orthopedics Physical Therapy our vision to advance fitness and wellness in our community begins with our commitment to provide valuable outreach and wellness programs for all ages, all interests and all levels of fitness. Our programs include:
• Educational Classes
• Local Support Groups
• Outreach Programs
• YMCA Aquatics
• Health Screenings/Clinics
• Fitness/Wellness Management
• Injury Prevention / Education

Athletics and Sports Programs

From high school, college, recreational sports and more, our commitment to the athlete, whatever the age or sport, is highlighted through programs such as:
• ACL Injury Prevention
• Sports Conditioning
• Sports Physicals
• Risk Analysis/Prevention
• Continuing Education
• Injury Management
• Concussion Education
• Student Trainer Certification
• And More…

The Perks of PepClub

With any club, membership has distinct privileges and Gulf Coast Orthopedics PEPClub is no exception. As a member of our team you will receive free admission to PEPClub tailgating activities at local sporting events, exclusive PEPClub T-shirts and other apparel, discounts on fitness and wellness supplies, a free pedometer and more!