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Pearls with Paige: Take care of your bones – learn about bone thinning

July 2, 2018

Did you know that after your mid-20s, bone thinning is a natural process and cannot be completely stopped!

Bone mass acquired during youth is an important determinant of the risk of osteoporosis related fractures during later life. During childhood and the beginning of adulthood, bone formation is more important than bone resorption.

Later in life, however, the rate of bone resorption is greater than the rate of bone formation and results in a new bone loss – a thinning of your bones! Nutritional and lifestyle advice for building strong bones in youth is just as acceptable to adults!

Adults should: ensure a nutritious diet and adequate calcium intake; maintain an adequate supply of vitamin D, participate in regular weight-bearing activity, avoid smoking and second-hand smoke, and avoid heavy drinking. 

  • International Osteoporosis Foundation
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